Interesting Magazine Articles

Several years ago, I carried out a savage pruning operation on my collection of cycling magazines.  However, I chose to retain those containing some kind of Recumbent Stuff therein.  This was because I foresaw a time when it would be possible to make text and graphics readily available over some kind of global computer network.  Unfortunately, I neglected to write this concept down, which is why you're not seeing the names of Jules Verne, H G Wells and Arthur C Clarke mentioned in the same breath as mine...  Anyway, here is a selection of Interesting Articles for your delectation.  There are some fairly large pictures lurking within, though, so a fair few of these pages may take some time to load...
Avatar 2000 Test
Bicycle Magazine
May 1982
1982 British HPV Championships
Bicycle Magazine
October 1982
The Power And The Glory
Bicycle Magazine
December 1982
HPV's On Bicycle Island
Bicycle Magazine
June 1983
Windcheetah Test
Bicycle Magazine
September 1983
1983 HPV Championships
Bicycle Magazine
December 1983
And there's plenty more to come... eventually!

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