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The stuff linked here is about aerodynamics, and/or fluid mechanics. Don't ask me to explain any of it - I'm a failed mechanical engineer, partly because I couldn't get my head round Bernouilli And His Ilk. You may find it useful when building your .DeciMach prize contender, or you may find it to be just a load of pictures of swirly things. Errors? Omissions? Please mail me the details.
Build Your Own Wind Tunnel
Aircraft Design Information Sources
Computational Fluid Dynamics Online
Journal Of Fluid Mechanics
L. Lazauskas - Airfoils
NACA Ducts
NASA Aero Design Team Online
Stanford University Aircraft Aerodynamics and Design Group
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Applied Aerodynamics Group
Virginia Tech Department of Aerospace And Ocean Engineering
Airfoil & Propellor Design
Public Domain Aeronautical Software

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