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Welcome, stranger, to my Web Wossname. It concerns itself largely with recumbent bicycles and tricycles.
I hope, dear Golfer, that you like it.

a Work In Progress
Dave "Legs Larry" Larrington
London, UK
BHPC Sports Class Champion, 2001


history, geography and various -ologies on the subject

My Myth Goes "Boom"

some of the buzzwords you may hear bandied about...

some links to manufacturers' sites. Or occasionally enthusiasts for the marque instead

details of assorted two-seater recumbents. Two are Sociables, not tandems, but never mind that now

some information to help drive your phone bill sky-high

the Compleat and unabridged Historie of Thif site

pictures (assorted) from Brighton and Goodwood

who did what at Brighton and Goodwood

pictures from the BHPC's two-hour race at Castle Combe, May 19th 2002
Photos courtesy of Robert Smith Studios

Vaguely Technical Stuff
  • Tyre Rolling Resistance Data

results of John Lafford's tyre rolling resistance testing

results of Greenspeed's tyre rolling resistance testing

results of ICE's tyre rolling resistance testing

John Lafford's comparison of the theoretical performance of various streamlined HPV's

results of the NVHPV's SRM tests on assorted Human-Powered Vehicles

When the Local Yoof asks "How Fast Does It Go?", use this information to give 'em the definitive answer...

Further Reading

the British Human Power Club publishes a quarterly Newsletter, which I have been fortunate enough to be permitted to edit between 1996 and 2004. Issues since then are available as PDF files. Click the link and find out more...

Some more-or-less interesting magazine articles from the past several years

Divers HPV pictures from all manner of places

Pictures from the USA - General Stuff and Battle Mountain-specific

A few photos from Paris-Brest-Paris 2007

the picture at the top of the page shows my Kingcycle as it was in 1990. These pages describe how I turned it into Something Else

this bicycle has now been sold, but there's some information and pictures on this page.

A short note about my HP Velotechnik Speedmachine

A short note about my Optima Baron

A short note about my Revell Romany fixed

A short note about my Cotic Roadrat fixed

the picture at the top of the page also shows Sandy Donaldson riding brother Steve's Windcheetah.  These pages describe what used to be my Windcheetah (plus a bit of history)

Click to access some of the stuff I've written on the subject of these machines before the unwitting membership of the BHPC allowed me to let my verbals loose on the world without Editorial restraint.

'twould be churlish of me not to include a prominent link to the BHPC's site.  That's it over there...

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