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Warning!  Some of these articles may contain examples of the Famous English Humour.  If you have difficulty understanding such things, please seek specialist help...

As stated elsewhere, since 1996 I have been fortunate enough to be permitted to edit the BHPC's quarterly Newsletter.  Prior to that, though, Mr. Editor John Kingsbury would often unleash my wibblings on an unsuspecting readership.  Here are a few such items for your entertainment, plus another one which was written by Ian Sheen.  Plus another one which was largely authored by Rob English. Plus some other stuff from the Editorial Years, seeing as it fits the general theme.

365-Dagen Fiets
How Messrs. Larrington, Sheen and Burrows visited "Fiets" magazine's "365-Day Bicycle" Competition in Eindhoven, what they saw and did there, and how they came home again.  This took place just after the "QED" documentary about the Lotus Olympic bike had been shown, hence all the people who had seen Mr. Burrows on the Electric television.  This one didn't get sent to the BHPC Newsletter, on account of Other People had written similar stuff already, hence the presence of the article below.
Practical Vehicles
Some observations on the subject of Practical Human-Powered Vehicles, and how to Compare them.  Or not.
The Old Crown Challenge
Being an Account of the first running of the Old Crown Challenge.  This is the version which did get published in the BHPC Newsletter.
The Old Crown Challenge (2)
Being another Account of the first running of the Old Crown Challenge.  This is the version I didn't bother to send to the BHPC Newsletter, because it was too silly...
European Championships 1994
An utterly subjective Account of the 1994 European HPV Championships, Laupen, Switzerland.  Which was nice.
World Championships 1995
An equally subjective Account of the 1995 World HPV Championships, Lelystad, The Netherlands.  Unlike "Antony And Cleopatra", it has a joke in it.
World Championships 1995 (2)
An alternative Account of 1995 World HPV Championships, Lelystad, The Netherlands, by Ian Sheen.
European Championships 1996
A very very rational Telling of Events at the 1996 European HPV Championships, Leicester, England.  It was once described by one disgruntled punter as "puerile" and "the worst thing I've ever read in the Newsletter".  Well, my friend, I was at Leicester working my arse off to help put on a successful long weekend of HPV racing, and you weren't, so yar boo sucks! But was he right? You be the judge...
World Championships 1997
What happened at the 1997 World HPV Championships in Köln, what is in Germany, innit.  These championships took place while the BBC was running a sort of self-congratulatory TV advertising campaign, featuring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer apparently appearing in such delights as "International Pan-Fighting", "Poldark On Mopeds" and "Detective In A Wheelbarrow[1]"
European Championships 1998
The Truth about the Larringtons' 1998 summer holiday.  Denmark is a triff place for cycling and I'd certainly do it again.  Whether Tina would is another matter entirely...
2001 UCI Regulations
A news article I found detailing the changes the MIB (Men In Blazers) plan to make for the 2001 cycle racing season.
World Championships 2000
This is mostly the work of young Rob English, with additional bits by Me.
World Championships 2001
Not many jokes in this one, as we were far too busy to notice them...

  1. - I'm in a wheelbarrow - this time it's personal!

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